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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions and our answers to them. If you have any question, please email it to us.

  • q-iconWill this traffic work for my product?

    Definitely! This will work for any product in any niche and in any country. It’s the same type of traffic you get from advertising on Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

  • q-iconWhat type of traffic is this traffic?

    This is banner, video and mobile traffic using our advanced and unique re-targeting method. Please schedule a free 20 minutes strategy session for a demo.

  • q-iconHow do you get the traffic cheaper?

    We have eliminated the middlemen and because of our game-changing, advanced and unique re-targeted method, we are able to get the traffic cheaper so we can pass the savings on to our clients. This is the future of traffic and you’ve got to see it to believe it. Request a free demo now.

  • q-iconWhat are your targeting options?

    You can target based on geo-location, city, zip code and DMA region. And again, because of the UNIQUE re-targeting method not available in major networks, your ads will only be showing to people who are REALLY interested in your products and services.

  • q-iconHow much traffic is available?

    We have over 250 billion impressions per day and access to over 200 million ‘in the market’ prospects in 10,750 categories.

  • q-iconIs there any guarantee?

    We guarantee to save you money on your current advertising cost, get you highly targeted traffic and increase your revenue and profit.

  • q-iconIs there an approval process?

    Yes, there’s an approval process with some of our networks i.e. Google, Bing, Yahoo and some others which could take up to 48 hours. However, some networks will approve you immediately irrespective of the product you sell. As stated above, we have partnered with 100s of networks so you could start seeing traffic within a few minutes after your ad goes live.

  • q-iconCan I advertise any product?

    You can advertise any product except products and services that promote hate, racism, drugs, guns etc. Any legitimate products or services that can be advertised through any major networks can be advertised on our platform. The moment your ad is submitted, it goes through an internal approval process automatically before they are submitted to the ad networks

  • q-iconIs this a self serve platform?

    No. This is a private network that we use only for our clients. Our goal is to help you dominate your niche and out-perform your competition. So the platform is not opened to everyone. We’ll setup and manage your campaigns in-house.

  • q-iconIs this CPV, Adware or popup traffic?

    No, it’s none of the above. As already said, this is top tier banner, video and mobile traffic. It’s the kind of traffic you’ll get from top tier networks i.e. from blogs, contents, video and mobile. It’s a normal real time bidding (RTB) traffic.

  • q-iconWhy is your traffic so effective?

    If you are familiar with ad re-targeting, you’ll know this is the method with the highest ROI today. But then, our unique method is way more effective than the normal type of re-targeting because of the targeting method. Please book a free strategy session to see a demo.

  • q-iconDo you offer a refund?

    Unfortunately, we do not offer a refund once your campaign goes live. The reason for this is simple. We cannot get a refund from the ad networks that we use to deliver your traffic. As with any type of traffic, there’s no refund available once traffic starts.