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From: Jeffrey Benson
Rugby, UK – Enjoying A Leisurely Afternoon…

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Dear Leads Seeker,

Are you constantly struggling to keep your business afloat and worried about the future of your business?

Have you found that generating leads is nothing but frustrating, ineffective, and just flat out expensive?

You’re certainly not alone! There are literally millions of floundering businesses out there having trouble pulling in additional leads.

The good news is that you are going to learn a low resistance way of generating more leads than your business can handle – 40 of them actually!

Read this letter to the end and I assure you that your lead generation woes will be eliminated for good!

But you’ve likely encountered this like so many others…

Generating Leads Online Is Highly Competitive, Insanely Expensive, And Extremely Frustrating!

I don’t need to beat this point home…

Generating leads in your business has become a highly competitive affair. The market is full of “sharks” who make it extremely difficult to pull in leads.

To top that off, just having a shot at pulling in leads usually costs an arm and a leg as a result of all the competition out there.

What usually results is either little or no real results. Even if you do generate leads, you usually find that they are of extremely low quality.

All of this is very frustrating and this one problem has lead to the closing of thousands of businesses.

The fact is, if you don’t have leads, you don’t have people to sell your products and services to, right?

Leads are the lifeblood of any business and without them, you’re dead in the water! After all, you can’t sell products if you don’t have anyone to show your offer to!

A business without leads is like a fish without water – it’s dead.

Chances are, you’ve also done this…

You’ve Probably Been Burned By “Systems, Home Study Courses, Software Applications, eBooks, Etc.,” That Promise To Show You How To Generate Leads, But Fail Miserably!

You’re not blind. You’ve seen the dozens upon dozens of products coming out that promise to show you how to generate leads.

Sadly, nearly none of these products actually work and do nothing but hype you to death in an effort to separate you from your hard earned money.

This is usually done by telling you’re going to learn some super secret way of generating leads that “no one has ever heard about.”

The result is usually a low quality product, which was obviously created by an outsourcer that doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

None of us wants to be learning how to generate leads from someone who has NEVER generated leads, do we?

Of course not!

The extreme quantity of low quality products out there makes it very hard to find one that works – there are literally thousands of them out there!

To top things off, even if you do find one that works, you usually have to go through 10-15 that don’t work!

Very few people will ever get this far because each product usually costs hundreds of dollars, and requires hundreds (or thousands) of dollars to implement their ideas!


But that nightmare is over, starting now…

Introducing Lead Avalanche™

40 Superior Lead Systems That Pull In Leads Quickly, Cheaply, And Without All The Competition!

Lead Avalanche isn’t just some lame eBook full of stuff that doesn’t work. It’s a proven system that’s been tested over years of hardcore lead generation.

Best of all, this isn’t just one strategy that is going to be saturated a few months from now. It’s actually 40 easy to implement lead generation systems in 1!

You read right, 40 lead generation systems in 1.

Here are just some of the benefits you’ll get from deploying the ideas in the Lead Avalanche System…

  • Truly All Inclusive – You get 40 fully developed lead generation systems that you can instantly put into action to start pulling in highly responsive leads for your business.

Here are the leads systems you’ll discover…

  1. Internet Marketing – The Lead Generation Way!
  2. Classified Leads That Convert Like Crazy!
  3. Using CD-Rom’s For Massive Lead Streams!
  4. Digital Brochures That Convert!
  5. Special Report Marketing Tactics!
  6. The Secret Of The Outgoing Call!
  7. What You Probably Didn’t Know About Magazines!
  8. Using Trade Journals To Find Qualified, Cash Holding Customers!
  9. Getting Media Attention With Press Releases!
  10. How To Properly Use The Yellow Pages!
  11. Customer List Acquisition – A How To!
  12. Using Direct Mail For Direct Profits!
  13. The Power Of A Simple Postcard!
  14. Business Card Networking – The Spread Effect!
  15. Profitable Relationships Through Networking!
  16. Playing The Host For Maximum Profit (And Leads)!
  17. Easy JV’s For Automated & Explosive Lead Growth!
  18. Generating Referrals As A Lead Stream!
  19. How To Utilize Seminars For Additional Business!
  20. Testing As A Tool For Increasing Your Leads!
  21. Flyers And How To Pull In Prospects With Them!
  22. The Infamous Online Catalogue Method!
  23. Inbound Lead Generation – Make Them Call You!
  24. Loss Leaders – Building Value Now, Profit Soon After!
  25. Gift Certificates That Generate Customer Loyalty!
  26. Publication Inserts – Getting In Your Potential Customers Hand!
  27. The Proper Use Of Affiliates For Leads & Customers!
  28. Using Newspapers For Massive Exposure!
  29. Inserts In Newspapers – Make Your Message Stand Out!
  30. Catalogs & How To Really Use Them For Lead Generation!
  31. Window Displays – Yes, They Really Work!
  32. Newsletter Marketing – What You Didn’t Know!
  33. Radio Advertising – Cheap Advertising, Premium Results!
  34. Getting On TV – It’s Not As Expensive As You Think!
  35. Effective Telemarketing – Ethical, High Converting Lead Generation!
  36. Grand Openings That Generate Buzz!
  37. Utilizing Special Events For Maximum Exposure!
  38. Industry Newsletters – Credibility, Leads, Profit!
  39. Fax Broadcasting – The Underused Lead Gen Tactic!
  40. Networking Ideas For The New Age!
  • Proven & Tested Lead Generation Results – This isn’t some hypothetical system. Each of these 40 lead generation systems have been tested and proven effective, so you know you’ll see awesome results in your own business.
  • High Grade Video Instruction – Everything is presented in high quality video that is not only content packed, but high in production quality. We spared no expensive on making these videos a treat to watch! Best of all, you can instantly access the course and start streaming the videos, no download required!
  • “Look Over My Shoulder” Learning Technology – The entire Lead Avalanche system was created with you in mind. Because of this, I structured the entire video course as if you were standing right behind me, watching me generation leads! This is just like I was at your house, showing you how to do this!
  • Fast Results You Can Bank On – Because these systems are proven, you can bet that you will see results quickly! Simply put just one of the systems into action, and you’ll be floored at the results you see, I personally guarantee it.
  • Simple, Even For Complete Newbies – It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced business professional struggling to generate leads because of high competition, or a complete newbie to business – The Lead Avalanche will show you how to generate leads fast!

Lead Avalanche is loaded with everything you need to generate thousands of laser targeted leads quickly, easily, and on the cheap! You won’t be left holding the bag or wondering where to get started – we cover that!

While some other jokers would charge you $100-$200 for a flimsy eBook which shows ONE system which may not even work, Lead Avalanche has 40 tested, and proven lead generation systems!

Check out what just a few of our happy customers had to say about the results they experienced with the Lead Avalanche System…

Here’re some Unsolicited Testimonials from satisfied customers

Leads, Leads, And More Leads! Ohh,
And A Couple Of Bonuses…

The Lead Avalanche System is packed with content and delivered via high quality video that makes learning truly enjoyable. Believe me, once you start seeing the leads pour into your business you’re going to be excited!

Best of all, you have 40 complete lead streams you can put into action. Pick 1, pick 10, or pick all 40 and put them into action! This is truly a customizable program that you can apply to your unique situation.

Have only 20 minutes a day? Pick just 1 system. Have a few hours a day? Pick 10 systems and go for the gold.

Only $37 Today
Limited Time Only

Some More Testimonials

If you need leads, you absolutely need the Lead Avalanche system. Lead Avalanche will help you to open the flood gates of hot, responsive customers upon your business.

Will This Work For Me?

Lead Avalanche is unlike any other “system” or “course” out there. As you know, other vendors will try and sell you a single idea for $100-$200! Lead Avalanche gives you 40 high quality and proven lead generation systems for just $47!

That’s $47 one time, no other fees.

That’s more than half the price another vendor would sell you just one lousy lead system for!

Best of all, the entire system is provided to you via high grade, instantly streamable online video! Start generating leads today!

You also get the Process Manual and the Buyers Generation 2.0 bonus course included with your purchase for free!

Best of all, your entire purchase is backed up by the “500 Leads, Guaranteed!” promise. Try just 1 of the 40 systems and I absolutely guarantee you’ll generate 500 leads, or you’ll get every cent of your money back.

It doesn’t get much better than that as I’m sure you’ll agree.

Order Lead Avalanche And Get Instant Access To All 40 Lead Generation Systems

It’s time for you to secure your copy of the Lead Avalanche system by ordering via our secure order form below.

Immediately after ordering, you’ll be granted instant download access to the entire course and all the bonuses, regardless of what time it is!

Only $37 Today
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What Do You Really Want In Life
(And Business)?

If your business isn’t as successful as you dreamed it would be, you probably wonder why that is. Any of us who have struggled in our businesses have had that concern at some point.

Success in your business really comes down to leads. If you don’t have leads, you don’t have a way to sell your products. Pretty simple actually.

By enabling you to generate leads at will, we are providing you the ability to create success in your business, on demand.

But what does that success ultimately mean to you?

A few thousand extra dollars in the bank?

Replacing your job completely or increasing your current income to get a few extra toys you’ve been dreaming of?

Going on vacation and travelling to warm, exotic places anytime you want?

Maybe it’s spending more time with your family.

Whatever your dreams or desires, creating success in your business will give you the financial means to create success and financial security in your life.

Lead Avalanche enables you to take control of your business and your life by giving you the ability to create lead streams whenever you desire.

Order your copy now – your success hinges on it.

To your Success,

Jeffrey Benson

P.S. Remember, you get the entire Lead Avalanche system including all 40 lead generation systems delivered via high grade video. You also get the high value bonus package to help you pull in even more leads.

P.P.S You have zero risk in ordering because your backed up by our iron clad money back guarantee. Order now, you have absolutely nothing to lose.