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Are Your Prospects Finding You On Mobile?

Over 60% of Google users are accessing it on mobile. Can they find your website? Let us help you integrate Mobile Marketing into your marketing system. In the past year, Web-based email usage dropped a staggering 59% amongst 12-17 year olds, who prefer to communicate via text, instant messaging, and social networks. Talk about the next generation.

Here are a few reasons why you need to be using mobile marketing.

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  • There are 5 billion mobile users which is 5 times bigger than the pc based internet market
  • 78% of business people use their mobile device to check email.
  • Over 300,000 Smart phones sold every day!!
  • 40% of US smartphone owners compare prices on their mobile device.
  • by 2012 10 Trillion text messages will be sent and delivered globally.
  • 4 out of 5 teens carry a wireless device
  • Customer time spent on mobile is rising faster than time spent on any other media
  • Text messaging gets 7 to 15 times the response rate of an email and has an astounding 97% open rate
  • Plus the speed in which a text message is opened and read is also much faster than email occurring within the first few minutes
  • Text messaging has a proven ROI of over 20% and has the power to double a local business

Mobile Marketing  is the future and if you don’t start using it now in your marketing your business will fall behind your competition and I know you don’t want that to happen.

Let us take the load off you and set you up the right way. All you do is start making money with it.

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  • We will integrate mobile marketing with your Google place page
  • Optimize your site properly so that it’s mobile ready
  • Setup up a mobile list building system in your business
  • Setup QR Code that people can easily scan to get information about your products or services
  • Install neccesary plugins to help make your marketing experience a pleasurable one

If you are a local business, you should be using mobile marketing. Remember, your competitor will use this medium even if you don’t.

We can help you. click here now to contact us for more information.

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