Power Marketing System

[testimonial1_arial author=”Martin Lloyd – Chief Executive, AccountantMarketingExpert.Com”]“Power Marketing System is the profit building program that should come with every business as a standard.”[/testimonial1_arial]

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[features_box_light_blue width=”85%” + border=”1px”]Originally posted by Phil G on the Warrior Forum


Jeffrey has really gone and pushed the envelope “out there” for other WSO‘s to try and match this offer. I have downloaded the package and am listening to a few of the audios at this time. They sound very professional and are very easy to listen to and the concepts are easy to understand.

It is definitely a BIG package. For anyone starting fresh in this business or any other business, I would recommend picking up this WSO. Creating a solid foundation for your business, is important at any time, but even more so during today’s difficult economic conditions.

To be frank, I haven’t gone thru the entire package yet (due to it’s amazing size) but what I have listened to is quite good. Because I have been in business on and offline for more than forty years, some of it is obvious to me, but I am sure that many will appreciate having all this wisdom available in an easy to listen to format, all in one place. Phil G. [/features_box_light_blue][features_box_light_blue width=”85%” + border=”1px”]Originally posted by John Pawlett on the Warrior Forum.

“Many people fail in business not because they don’t know what to sell but because they don’t know how to sell.

Power Marketing System shows you the exact strategies to build your business from scratch and make it to anything you want it to be. There’s no fluff and every strategy in it will make you money.

If you are looking to build a rock-solid highly profitable business either online or offline, I highly recommend Power Marketing System.

It really the basis behind every successful business either for you own business or your clients business, it also gives you the tools to become more confident and charge your clients more” John Pawlett [/features_box_light_blue]

Power Marketing System is designed to help
you create systems within your business so that
once created it runs on auto-pilot. You’ll learn
everything you need to know to create your own
marketing system that really will give you an
unfair advantage over your competition…

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  • System For Generating New Leads
  • System For Converting Leads Into Sales
  • System For Increasing Customer Transaction Values
  • System For Increasing The Frequency Of Purchase
  • System For Increasing The Number Of Referrals
  • System For Improving Gross Profit Margin
  • System For Increasing The Length Of Time Customers Buy From You


Power Marketing System Contains

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  • 30 Proven Key Strategies To Rapidly Increase Your Customer Base
  • 20 Proven Quick Strategies to Convert Leads into Buying Customers
  • Over 15 hidden techniques To Get More Repeat Sales From Your Customers
  • 13 Ways To Get Customers Spending More Cash Each Time They Buy From You
  • 10 Secrets To Getting Happy Endless Referrals And Explode the Growth Of Your Business
  • 12 Great Ways To Increase The Length Of Time Your Customers Buy From You
  • 21 Proven Secrets To Increase Your Profit Margin Without Cold Calling


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[features_box_light_blue width=”85%” + border=”1px”]“You get a fantastic sense of freedom when you know you can quickly tap into expert help to solve any of you business worries or marketing headaches, and at no real cost to you!” Dawn Grinham, Director, The Quadrant Business Centre, Coventry, UK [/features_box_light_blue][features_box_light_blue width=”85%” + border=”1px”]”This is one of the best business development systems I have ever found. Highly recommended to anyone who is serious about growing their business at a rocket speed”. Paul Flintoft, UK. www.moneyminds.co.uk[/features_box_light_blue]

You’ll also…

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  • Discover the right way to “Niche your marketing
  • Learn how to develop your “Unique Selling Proposition” and stand out from the crowd. This one technique alone is often enough to turn your business around, and take it to great height
  • Learn how to get quality testimonials that deliver results. This is guaranteed to skyrocket your sales and profits
  • Learn how to put in place your Sales Conversion System, the amazing system that will rapidly double your sales
  • Learn how to use a “Sales Conversion Letter” to secure business
  • Learn how to use “Follow Up” to convert more prospects and enquiries into clients
  • Learn how to run your sales and marketing system on “auto pilot” – even the busiest person can explode his or her business
  • Discover how to use Risk Reversal Strategies which makes it impossible for your prospects to say “no”
  • A simple to use ‘Workbook’ to make the whole system very easy to apply and ensures you’re right on track



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[features_box_light_blue width=”85%” + border=”1px”]”I was lucky enough to be one of the first people to listen to and learn from the Power Marketing System, as I was present while it was being recorded. The information and advice on offer within it is simply awesome. Now armed with fresh ideas and amazingly effective techniques, I have applied some of these to my own business and the results speak for themselves – more customers and more referrals. The PMS is the ultimate marketing Bible, and I would highly recommend it as an invaluable tool to any business.” Barry Diston, Fidget Studios [/features_box_light_blue][features_box_light_blue width=”85%” + border=”1px”]Applying just a few of your strategies, has directly resulted in a dramatic increase in our sales. In fact, the strategies that you provided are so powerful that we are going to implemented many of them into our new product launch.

Last year, the techniques we learned from Power Marketing System was responsible in helping us make over £300,000 in profits. In our entire years of operations we have never recorded such an increase. We are glad we found this system. It is truly a mentor in a box.” Ian Lloyd, UK. [/features_box_light_blue]

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[headline_arial_large_centered color=”#000000″]Here’s What You Get In The Package?[/headline_arial_large_centered]

Get Instant Access Now For Just $37

1. 18 Downloadable Mp3 Audios Files

Contain important profit and business building strategies. Play these by downloading them to your Mp3 Player or Ipod. You can also play the audios directly from your pc or burn them onto CDs and listen to them in your car, home, office or gym.Why Audio?Audio gives you the ultimate in flexibility and portability. You can listen to the program direct on your PC, download to CD and listen in your car or at home. You can also download to your iPod or other MP3 player devices and listen why jogging or working out in the gym.

2. A Complete Workbook

A complete workbook to guide you through every step as you grow your business.

3. The complete transcript for the audios

There are the complete pdf transcript of the main audio program. Print these out and read them at your own time.

4. 150 business letter templates

You’ll get 150 legal and business document template worth $97 absolutely FREE! As you begin to grow your business, you’ll need these template letters to help you deal with staff and contractors. Note: these templates relates to the UK businesses but you can adapt them to suit your business in your country.

Templates include:

=> Recruiting and employment
=> Company rules
=> Contracts of employment
=> Sickness and absence
=> Staff Handbooks
=> Disciplinary and grievance procedures
=> Redundancy and Termination of employment
=> Sickness and absence from work
=> And many more

5. Business Growth Calculator Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet will help you look at what effect you will have on your business by getting more new customers. Just add what you are currently achieving in the first column ‘Your Business’ and it will automatically calculate your growth factors. Then add the increase you would like to achieve in the second column. The results and cumulatice increase will automatically be calculated, as will the totals in each column.

You can use this spreadsheet as many times as you like when investigating various scenarios. The calculator will then automatically produce the results you will achieve under the new scenario. NOTE: THIS SPREADSHEET WAS CREATED FOR OUR OWN USE AND SO YOU WON’T GET IT ELSEWHERE.

6. Business Growth Multiplier System

This is a simple “BUSINESS BUILDING, SALES & MARKETING SYSTEM WORKSHEET”. It shows you how you can grow your business EXPONENTIALLY by establishing a simple sales and marketing system over ALL the 7 business growth pillars demonstrated in the video above. Use this to plan your business growth over 12 months period.

7. Bonus Audio – Quick Cash Strategies

This reveals some quick, simple and yet powerful fast cash generating strategies you can implement in your business right away to start generating sales for your business.

8. (Special Report) 19 Insider Secrets To Rapidly Increase The Growth Of Your Business

This Powerful Report Reveals:

=> 7 Ways To Increase The Number Of Customers For Your Business.
=> 5 Ways To Generate More Income From Existing Customers.
=> 5 Ways To Increase The Efficiency Of The Business Operation And Its Margins.
=> 1 Powerful Way To Determine And Exploit The Lifetime Value Of Your Customers.
=> 1 Little-Known Way To Create A Clear, Compelling And Irresistible Reason For Your Prospects And Customers To Do Business With You And Not Your Competitors.

Get Instant Access Now For Just $37
(Normally $197 – Save Over 80% Now)

PS: Power Marketing System is a system you can follow no matter what business you’re in or what product or service you sell. It’s a system that leaves nothing to chance. By following the simple strategies contained in the program I guarantee you’ll make your business substantially more profitable. [/features_box_light_green]